Sea bream is generally known for its amazingly hard bones. With our restaurant's specialty dish, it is possible to eat the entire fish, bones and all, from head to tail, without injuring your mouth. Even the toughest bones break right down and the fish scales are crunchy, while the flesh is moist. You can also enjoy eating the crunchy fins. The name Nozaki-yaki (Nozaki grill) was given because the fish is slowly roasted over a low flame for roughly seven hours, while being coated with generous amounts of rape-seed oil. In the olden days, the area around Daito city, known for Nozaki Kannon temple and located to the east of Osaka, was a prosperous rape-seed growing region. The rape seed was cultivated for its oils. This scenery was often depicted in traditional performing arts like kabuki, joruri (a type of sung narrative with shamisen accompaniment) and rakugo (traditional Japanese comedy). The Nozaki-mairi rakugo performance is a light-hearted dialogue of an argument between a person visiting the shrine while walking the banks of the river and enjoying the scenery of the rape-seed fields, and a person visiting by ship. It is said that winning a verbal argument between those visiting by ship and those visiting by land would bring the winner good luck. The name Nozaki immediately conjures up images of rapeseed, indicative of how integral the rapeseed scenery was to Nozaki-mairi.


Japanese cuisine, in particular, Osaka cuisine, is recognized as not being wasteful. In other words, quality ingredients are used carefully and prudently. With our specialty dish, nothing goes to waste and one can truly say that it is a quintessentially Osakan dish, packed with surprises and wonderful flavor.


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